Urinary tract infection (UTI) by Escherichia coli

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    Urinary tract infection (UTI) by Escherichia coli can spread to the bloodstream Blood infection is also caused by Neustria meningitides that attacks the respiratory tract Untreated appendicitis can worsen and cause this infection Who are at a Risk? The after effects and medical conditions of sepsis infection are caused due to the bacteria or the toxins released by them Although anyone can get this infection, certain groups of people are at a higher risk of developing this medical condition In simple terms, those whose immune system is not strong enough to fight against invading germs, they have an increased risk of bacterial infection than healthy people The risk factors for bacterial sepsis are higher in: Infants and toddlers, whose immune system is not developed fully Elderly people, having a weak natural defense due to aging process Patients who are currently on strong medication treatment People who have a weakened immune system, but without any underlying disease Patients who are diagnosed with an autoimmune disease Patients of cancer or HIV/AIDS, who have a compromised immune system Treatment Since bacterial strains invade the bloodstream in a septic patient, they are circulated to the body cells and tissues during blood circulation They may invade any weak organ inside the body causing organ dysfunction If an individual is diagnosed with bacterial infection in the blood, it is understandable that the case is of a severe infection The noticeable symptoms are, fever, vomiting, inflammation, and body pain In case of any suspected patient, blood test is conducted for the presence of bacteria and white blood cell count

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