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    And go for it I looked at all his work and everything and he kind of was a similar flavor to what I was doing so I was like look what's give it Kerotin Hair Growth a go and Steph where can you tell us where you found him in the Philippines there's so many different avenues yeah so back then it was up work or what was it called before I couldn't you know ants Illya yeah that's right EAL ants yes yeah so Elance which is I feel super dirty you know like.

    I don't look for stuff yeah and so a bit of a screening process you did you look at some past work and then did you get him to do any little trials first or do any little projects no trials nothing so I've talked a whole bunch of designers on Kerotin Hair Growth Behance as well I think that's an Adobe product just to look for what sort of styles and what sort of people they're like are they L astray Tavor are they more web design are they more brochures.

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